We were at the Design Block

5. – 9. 10. 2022 | 10.00am - 9.00pm | Gabriel Loci monastery

Our new Libra continental bed is proof that a bed can combine maximum comfort, top functionality and modern design.

For the first time, the Johann Malle company participated in the Designblok 2022 exhibition this year and presented its new product – the Libra continental bed, designed in collaboration with Jan Plecháč, a leading Czech designer. The most sophisticated bed so far from the Johann Malle workshop was presented in all its glory in the intimate space of the Library in the Gabriel Loci monastery.

Libra bed: The star of every bedroom

The new Libra (scale) continental bed, which like other beds by Johann Malle is made only of natural materials, found its inspiration in the Libra constellation. Its name also fits it perfectly because it represents a perfect balance between modern design and top functionality. On one side of the scale there is robustness and functionality, with elegance and airiness on the other. “We wanted to create a bed where you don’t have to decide between healthy sleep and a designer bedroom. Libra combines all the benefits of handmade continental beds and leading Czech design,” Pavel Smítal, director of the Johann Malle company, describes the bed.

libra celek olivova
1392 hours spent on development

The Libra bed is the most demanding bed that the Johann Malle company has produced in the more than 100 years of its market presence. This is proven by the fact that its creation was preceded by 1392 hours of development. There are 1540 springs inside the bed and almost 80 meters of fabric is needed for the upholstery. Every centimetre of the bed is a result of the handiwork of the seamstresses, cabinetmakers and upholsterers who make the beds in the workshop near Mladá Boleslav. It takes the whole team ten days to create one, and that’s not including the production of the mattresses, which are a very important part of every bed by Johann Malle.

Beautiful against a wall and free-standing in the room

The uniqueness of the Libra bed lies in the fact that all its sides can be exposed, so unlike many other beds with a prominent headboard, it can stand not only against the wall, but also freely in the room. For this reason, it also has two headboards, a smaller “cushion” one and a “screen”, which can serve as a room divider. In addition, thanks to the recessing of the mattress into the frame, the bed does not give a bulky impression, but at the same time retains all the benefits of a handmade continental bed.

johann malle celek libra
ccgd 2009 2
About the Designblok 2022 exhibition

In the Library of the Gabriel Loci complex, the Libra bed was presented alongside an installation consisting of thousands of books in deep red covers, which contrasted perfectly with the light beige bed.

cena db nominace 2022


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