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We’ll change your sleep, we’ll change your life

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Do you yearn for a bed that will transform your sleep into the most beautiful of dreams? Stop just yearning and treat yourself to maximum comfort with hand-made beds and mattresses from the 100% Czech Johann Malle brand, a specialist in perfect sleep for more than 100 years. You too can get up feeling perfectly rested and wake up to beauty. Put your trust in our combination of fine craftsmanship, luxurious design, maximum comfort and the highest possible quality.

We’ll change your sleep, we’ll change your life

On average we spend a third of our lives asleep. Quality sleep regenerates the body and slows the ageing process, which is why the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. A Johann Malle bed gives a bedroom a luxurious look and also transforms it into a place which, through quality sleep, can change your life. Enjoy feeling as if you had fallen asleep surrounded by breath-taking countryside, under a sky dotted with stars, with beds and mattresses made exclusively from natural materials.

Combining the smallest details creates perfection

When making a bed and mattress we listen not only to your ideas and dreams, but also to your body, whose needs are our greatest source of inspiration. Each of our beds is precisely hand-crafted with an emphasis on every detail. Our beds could not be made without the dozens of hours of manual work put in by our experienced carpenters, seamstresses and upholsterers. And you can be sure that you will definitely feel the quality, which is our alpha and omega.

Awaken your bedroom to beauty

The magic of our luxury continental beds does not only lie in their precision craftsmanship and high quality. Johann Malle beds easily become the centrepiece of any bedroom thanks to their design, which makes an immediate impression. In fact, you can come and see for yourselves. Do you want to see how the bed that will take you on a voyage to the stars looks? Visit our showrooms In Prague and Brno or take a look at our catalogue.

The foundation is a quality mattress

There can be no doubt that the right choice of mattress has a significant effect on sleep quality. Johann Malle mattresses are made up of several natural layers, each of which plays its own indispensable role in the world of dreams. Johann Malle mattresses are made using cotton, horsehair, natural rubber, coconut, hemp and flax fibre, sheep’s wool, cashmere and also an unconventional exotic material, which is camel hair. These materials, which come from all over the world, boast the highest quality and health safety.

The road to perfect rest

Our range of mattresses has not been designed just with adults in mind, but children, too. We have made a special custom-designed mattress to suit children’s needs, which is durable, resistant and versatile. Johann Malle mattresses are suitable for children, as well as for people with asthma, allergies, sensitive skin, back pains or overweight. Try for yourselves how a mattress can change your sleep for the better, with our option of taking a mattress to try out at home. Not sure which mattress to choose? Contact us.

Sleep tailored to suit you

Close your eyes, fall asleep within a minute, live out your most secret dreams in your sleep and wake up feeling completely rested… Is that how you spend your nights? Improve the quality of your sleep and see what perfect relaxation hours spent in the right bed can offer. Have yourself a bed tailor-made just how you want it, crafted down to the finest detail to perfectly suit your expectations. We will be glad to help in meeting all your requirements, including your choice of materials or any change to the layout, design or composition. Already have an idea of how your new bed should look? Contact us, we’re here for you.

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