How a bed by Johann Malle
is selected and made

From the first phone call

right down to your healthy sleep

zavolame si

1 / We call you

Most often, the path to perfect sleep with us begins with a short phone call. During it, we clarify what you expect from your bed and arrange an appointment with us so that you can try everything personally.


2 / We meet in the showroom

When you visit our showroom, we will devote as much time to you as you need. We know that it is not good to rush any decision. You are free to lie on our beds so that you can find out what suits your body the best.

matrace domu

3 / We can lend you a mattress to take home

You may not be sure of your choice. In that case, we are ready to lend you a mattress to take home so that you can try it out in your own personal environment.

postel na miru

4 / We assemble a custom-made bed

Once you’ve chosen your mattress, it’s time to put the whole assembly together. You choose the material, dimensions, height of the legs and headboard exactly according to your preferences.

Or you can connect us with your interior designer and we will proceed according to his/her suggestions. We are also ready to meet specific requirements, because manual production allows us to implement practically anything that is technically possible.

vyrobime privezeme

5 / We produce and deliver

Now you can look forward to us coming to your home with your new bed. You can expect us in 4 to 6 weeks. What about your old bed? If you want, we can take it away and dispose of it in an ecological way.


6 / We provide service

Did the kids spill a drink on the bed and there is an ugly stain on it? Have you lost or gained weight, so your body requires a mattress of different firmness?

We can solve everything. Since the entire bed is a result of manual work, it is no problem to replace anything. Just give us a call and we’ll take care of it.




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