We make our beds and mattresses exclusively from natural, hypoallergenic materials of the highest quality. We buy cotton, horsehair, natural rubber, coconut, hemp and flax fibre, sheep’s wool, cashmere and exotic camel’s wool only from producers who have been proven for years and who are among the world’s best.

Thanks to the carefully selected materials, our mattresses are also suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with sensitive skin, back pain or who are overweight. Likewise for children, who spend much more time sleeping than adults.



A hypoallergenic star of textile heaven

People have been growing cotton for more than 6,000 years Time has reliably tested its properties – it absorbs moisture perfectly, it is pleasant to the touch, is soft and also very strong. In addition, it does not irritate the skin because it is naturally hypoallergenic.

For these reasons alone it has become one of the most frequently used materials for the top layers of Johann Malle’s mattresses and continental beds. Not for nothing is “sleep like in cotton” a synonym for a good sleep in Czech.


A legendary wool from the foothills of the Himalayas

This famous wool consists of fibres from the hair of Kashmiri goats, who live in the Himalayan regions on very cold, dry, and especially high plateaus. It is these inhospitable conditions that create its exceptional properties. However, it is a rare raw material, as only 150 grams of wool can be obtained from each goat per year.

In addition, we only use a fraction of this amount to make our Johann Malle mattresses and beds, because we buy only the finest fibres of the highest quality.

kokosove vlakno


Strong and waterproof

Coconut fibre is a renewable natural resource, as it is obtained from the husks of coconuts. The fibres are very strong, resistant to abrasion and moisture.

The coconut fibre adds rigidity to Johann Malle’s natural mattresses and beds while maintaining their high breathability.


Extremely strong and healthy

The unique properties of hemp, which has some of the longest and at the same time strongest plant fibres, were discovered by people some 7,000 years ago. This tough and durable natural material with unique properties is obtained from hemp plants.

The fibre is several times stronger than that of cotton, but is very soft at the same time. It does not irritate the skin, absorbs moisture well and has antiseptic effects. In natural mattresses and beds, it is used for the same reason as coconut fibre – it adds rigidity to the product while maintaining high breathability.


It helps to better distribute weight on the bed surface

Flax fibres are obtained from the stem of flax, which has been processed by mankind since time immemorial. Flax fibres are stronger than cotton ones, they have high tensile strength, the ability to absorb moisture, long life and also conduct heat well.

They are used in mattresses and continental beds for better distribution of body weight on the surface of the bed.


It perfectly stores heat and wicks away moisture

Horsehair is a very flexible textile material made from the mane and tail of horses. During spinning, it is first thoroughly cleaned and then passed through a steam bath. After this treatment, it gains an excellent ability to accumulate heat and thus reliably protect against cold.

In addition, horsehair perfectly wicks away moisture. Thanks to these properties, it has been used as a filling for mattresses and beds for hundreds of years.

konske zine
ovci vlna


Flexible, soft, antibacterial

Sheep’s wool is a popular material for natural mattresses. It stands out due to its flexibility, softness and durability, it is antibacterial and waterproof at the same time. It can retain air inside and this fact gives it its unique thermoregulatory properties – it warms in winter and cools in summer.

Mattresses and beds by Johann Malle containing sheep’s wool are especially suitable for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and anyone who suffers from joint problems and back pain.


Breathable and dust mite resistant

Natural rubber is obtained from the tropical Brazilian rubber tree. When its resin dries, it forms a very soft, porous substance. It is then widely used in mattresses and beds for its breathability, water repellency and flexibility.

Natural rubber is also hypoallergenic, it has antiseptic effects and resists mites several times better than other materials.

prirodni kaucuk
velbloudi vlna


Hollow fibre with excellent insulating properties

Camel’s wool for the production of natural mattresses and beds is obtained by hand combing the coats of animals that live in large herds in Mongolia. The fibres of camel’s wool are hollow, which gives them unique insulating properties.

Similar to sheep’s wool, camel’s wool is fully breathable and reliably protects against cold and heat. It is also very light and pleasantly warm to the touch.


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