A Johann Malle
bed for the rest
of your life

Our goal is not to make luxury beds.
Our goal is to help you sleep soundly.

We can’t make the right decisions for you. But we can help you to sleep well before you decide. Handmade production, top craftsmanship, natural materials and perfect adaptation to your body.

These are the basic pillars of healthy sleep as we see it in Johann Malle, Czech manufactory. You and your loved ones deserve to sleep soundly.

Czech handmade production
with a century-old tradition

Each of our beds is the result of dozens of hours of manual work following proven procedures representing the wisdom of previous generations. The first mattresses were made in the saddler’s and shoemaker’s workshop of Johann Malle at the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

One hundred years have passed and we remain a 100% Czech company preserving a sense of precision and attention to every detail.

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Perfect adaptation to your body

We do not operate as an e-shop where you click on an item and within three days receive a prefabricated product approximately corresponding to your size.

With our company, you, your personality and physical disposition form a part of the production from the very beginning. First, we need to spend some time together so as to understand what you need and what you want. We will then produce the mattress, bed and all accessories according to this specification so that they correspond to your individual preferences.

For example, the firmness of the mattress is important for the quality of sleep so you have a choice of three levels, while for a double bed it is not a problem to supply a mattress with a different firmness for each of the couple. Other optional attributes include:

upholstery fabric
height and type of legs
material composition

And so on and so forth. In short, practically anything can be adapted to your requirements, as long as it is technically possible. We look forward to your bold ideas.

We guarantee healthy sleep and we protect our planet

Wood, cotton, cashmere, horsehair and rubber – these are natural, hypoallergenic, renewable and amazingly functional materials that have been used to make beds and mattresses for centuries. By replacing them with oil-derived materials, some money can be saved, but with some unpleasant consequences for the environment and your health.

That’s why we always return to natural materials that have been tested over the years, which we carefully select from leading domestic and international producers and pay attention to their top quality.

Honest hand-made production, adaptation to individual body dispositions and the use of natural materials – all this has a positive impact on the quality of sleep and your health. And if you want to see for yourself that we really don’t take shortcuts, come and visit us! Our production is not far from Mladá Boleslav and it is not a problem if you want to be there when we sew your mattress. You will see for yourself that it contains all the declared components and that we do not secretly add polyamides or other synthetics to it.

And if you want to contribute to the protecting the planet with us, you can also give us your old bed when you buy a new one and we will arrange for its ecological disposal.

Into the realm of dreams with the icons of Czech design

The quality of sleep is also influenced by the quality of the environment in which it takes place. That’s why we co-operate with leading designers and interior architects, thanks to whom your bedroom will acquire an even more aesthetic dimension. Not only are the beds and mattresses themselves designer items, but also a number of other accessories, which we can design and manufacture for you, if you are interested.

In addition, we can match everything into a uniform style, so for example we can use the same fabric on the upholstered bed for curtains, pillows and armchair upholstery. If you wish, we can also design your bed in compliance with feng shui principles.

Jan Plecháč


Our beds are for life. Customer care too

Our customers are people whose health and the health of their loved ones is our priority. And for us, our customers are our priority. A tak k výjimečným produktům poskytujeme také řadu služeb, které u nás nikdo jiný nenabízí.

For example, we are ready to lend you an entire bed to take home so that you can perceive it with your whole body, so to speak, in real usage. You can also come and try out the beds in our model apartment in Karlín, Prague. Both completely free.

Transport throughout the Czech Republic is also free of charge for you, and we will come to resolve any complaints directly to you, also free of charge.


We provide an extended, three-year guarantee for the mattress as a whole, and even a 25-year guarantee for the pocket spring core. The bed frame is also guaranteed for a quarter of a century. In the event of a change in body shape (e.g. after an injury, etc.), the composition of the mattress can be changed at any time in the future so as to exactly match your new needs.

Our expert assistance in case you move is also unique, where we only charge the transport costs.

These are just some of the services we provide our customers. We will also be happy to take care of your and your family’s healthy sleep.

Get inspired

Get to know our bed models and choose the one that suits you best.



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