Johann Malle’s mattresses and beds are handmade in the Czech Republic from purely natural materials of the highest quality. Natural mattresses and continental beds need specific recommended care.

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This gives the mattress and bed a longer lifespan and functionality, mainly a sufficient supply of healthy fresh air for natural circulation and ventilation. We turn and rotate natural mattresses from left to right, as well as from the feet towards the head and vice versa.

We recommend turning natural mattresses 2-3 times a month. The frequency of turning and rotation is usually determined directly by the person’s own weight, the climate or the frequency of use and load. The greater the weight of the person, the higher the rotation frequency.


We recommend vacuuming natural mattresses and beds every time the bed linen is changed. In this way, you remove accumulated dust and, in addition, you fluff the natural materials beautifully.


Natural mattresses and beds by Johann Malle need fresh air. Therefore, ventilate the bedroom often, as this removes excess moisture and allow the natural materials in the mattress and bed to fill with fresh air again. If possible, do not cover Johann Malle’s natural mattresses and beds but let them ventilate freely.


We recommend thoroughly knocking mattresses made of natural materials, including spring ones, especially those that contain a larger proportion of cotton. Folding and rolling mattresses is undesirable and can lead to damage.

Cleaning the mattress or bed

If your Johann Malle mattress or bed gets dirty, never use chemical cleaners. These will damage the natural materials from which our mattresses and beds are made, including the upholstery fabric. Chemical treatment will destroy the magic of your bed. Natural mattresses and beds by Johann Malle must not be cleaned even with water.

If the cover is dirty, dry brushing is the most suitable cleaning method; in case of more ingrained dirt, you can also use dry foam to clean the fabrics. After cleaning, carefully vacuum the mattress with a vacuum cleaner set to low power.

Recommended bases for natural mattresses

Natural mattresses require either a slatted base (solid slats with a maximum spacing of 2.5 – 3cm, we also recommend rounded edges for the slats) or they can be placed on a boxspring/boxframe.

In order to prevent contamination, we recommend using Johann Malle’s cotton mattress protector, which can be purchased together with your mattress or bed.

In the above situations, we recommend that you contact our sales representative, who can advise you on how to eliminate any unpleasantness.


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