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5 key advantages of our beds and mattresses

Handmade production, top craftsmanship, natural materials and perfect adaptation to your body. These are the basic pillars of healthy sleep according to Johann Malle.

How the bed is selected and made

Visit our showroom or try the mattress right in your own home. We can adapt the mattress structure to your body and the design to your personal style.

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About the Johann Malle craftsman’s workshop

More than a hundred years ago, Johann Malle sewed his first mattress. And we remain faithful to the handmade tradition, which is based on the precise processing of the highest quality materials.

Our services

We can lend you a mattress to try at home, recommend the ideal composition for your health, deliver and repair everything free of charge. We are also ready to modify the purchased mattresses for you if your body changes over the years.

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Natural materials for your health

We make our beds and mattresses exclusively from natural, hypoallergenic materials of the highest quality. We co-operate with proven producers who are among the world’s best.


Read how our beds are rated by people who have already tried them.
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