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How to choose a new bed

How do Johann Malle beds and mattresses improve quality of life?

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It is not for nothing that the quality of our sleep is said to have a considerable influence on the quality of our lives. You will probably agree that, after enjoying enough sleep, you have more energy all through the day and feel happier, and vice-versa. It is therefore appropriate that the beds, mattresses and accessories from the Czech brand Johann Malle are designed with the following motto in mind: “We change your sleep, we change your life”.  Come with us to see how Johann Malle can help you embark on the journey to a happier life.


Experts in sleep

Anyone who wants to be the best in their field must understand it perfectly. This is also true of the Johann Malle brand, which prides itself not only on its high quality, precision craftsmanship and manual work, but also on its many years of experience in what the human body needs when it sleeps. The result must be nothing less than beds and mattresses that can rightly be described as luxurious.


The bed comes first

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Statistics clearly show that people are taking more and more of an interest in their health. They take regular exercise, go to the doctor for preventive check-ups and carefully choose what they eat. However, many do not realise that the best thing they can do for their health is focus on the quality of their sleep. After all, we spend around a third of our life in bed. Johann Malle premium beds are made to offer the greatest possible comfort, timeless design and to become synonymous with quality sleep.


What makes Johann Malle beds so special?

Each Johann Malle bed is based on a thorough understanding of the ideas and needs of the client. The bed is born only once we know all the information we need to make the bed precisely customised to suit the client’s body. Our beds would not be possible without tens of hours of manual work carried out by our experienced Czech carpenters, seamstresses and upholsterers, or without the highest possible quality natural material. 


A mattress? Only the best!

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If someone offered you the chance to enjoy around 8 hours rest a day to the full, would you take them up on it? You now have that chance thanks to luxury Johann Malle mattresses, which will change your life by allowing you to wake up feeling fully refreshed and regenerated.


Nature within reach

Johann Malle mattresses are made from several natural layers. Each layer serves its own special purpose and, all together, are a guarantee of the best you could wish for when you sleep. Our mattresses are made using horsehair, natural rubber, cotton, hemp and flax fibre, sheep’s wool, cashmere and even camel hair. And what makes our natural mattresses the right choice? They are healthy and suitable for allergy sufferers and small children.


We’ve tried them for ourselves

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Most sleep experts agree that you should choose a new bed and mattress as carefully as you would choose a new car. When choosing a bed, which will, after all, serve you for decades, it is therefore best to try it out for yourself first. The Czech brand Johann Malle has two showrooms where you can not only see its mattresses and beds with your own eyes, but especially can test them. You’ll see for yourself that you can notice the difference.


Want to do the best thing for your health? Start with a quality Johann Malle bed and mattress.