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Caring for mattresses

Johann Malle mattresses and beds are handmade in Bohemia using the highest quality purely natural materials. Natural mattresses and continental beds should be cared for in the recommended specific manner.


Turning the mattress over

This makes your mattress and bed last longer, especially due to the supply of healthy fresh air for natural circulation and ventilation. Flip the natural mattress over and turn it from left to right and from head to foot, and vice-versa.

We recommend turning your natural mattress over two to three times a month. The frequency at which you turn it over and flip it round depends on the weight of the person using the mattress. The climate, how often the mattress is used and what load is placed on it. The greater the weight of the person using the mattress, the more often it should be turned over.



Mattresses made of natural materials, including spring, are recommended to thoroughly crack, especially those that contain a larger proportion of cotton. Folding and scrolling the mattress is undesirable and can result in damage to the mattress.



We recommend vacuuming your natural mattress and bed every time you change the bedclothes. This helps to remove built-up dust and nicely fluffs up those natural materials.



Johann Malle natural mattresses and beds need a supply of fresh air. Therefore, you should air your bedroom often, as this gets rids of excess moisture and lets the natural materials in the mattress and bed fill up with fresh air again. It is therefore better to leave Johann Malle natural mattresses and beds unmade, and to leave them to air freely.


Cleaning your mattress and bed

If your Johann Malle mattress or bed gets dirty, never use chemical cleaners. This would damage the natural materials the mattress and bed are made of, including the covers. Using chemicals would cause your bed to lose its magic. Johann Malle natural mattresses and beds should not be cleaned using water. If the cover gets dirty, it is better to clean it with a dry brush; if it is particularly soiled you can also use a dry foam for cleaning fabrics. After cleaning the mattress, carefully vacuum it on low power.


If you have any questions about any of these situations, we recommend contacting our sales representative, who will advise you about the best way to resolve the problem.

In order to avoid problems like these we recommend that you use a Johann Malle cotton mattress protector or Johann Malle fabric bed protector, which can be purchased together with your mattress or bed.