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Continental bed

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Bed frame
  • Massive wood, perfectly dried, 1st-class quality.
  • Frames can be made to order using the wood selected by the customer.
  • Choose your upholstery fabric colour and pattern from our swatches available in our showrooms in Prague and Brno.
  • Our trained staff will help you with choosing of rigidity of the mattress.
  • Johann Malle mattresses are particularly suitable for: allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with problems with the locomotive system and also for healthy individuals and children.
  • The topper not only makes the mattress softer and gives that bit of extra comfort as you sleep, but also brings the entire design of the set with the mattress together.
  • The topper contains horsehair as well as cotton. These natural materials are excellent at regulating heat and draw off moisture perfectly.
  • They are particularly appreciated by people who sweat excessively, as well as those with poor circulation. In the classic words: “warms in winter, cools in summer”.
  • Leg height, material – massive wood, metal, mirrored, colour chosen individually by the customer.
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle beds:
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle beds:
  • Bedside tables, chests of drawers, benches, chests, mirrors and other items.
  • Dimensions, solid wood type, colour, number of storage spaces as selected by the customer in our showrooms.

For information on the prices of continental beds, solid-wood beds, and accessories visit our showrooms or contact us.

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Lacerta – the constellation of the lizard. A small constellation located in the northern sky, yet an important one, as part of the Milky Way passes across it. The brightest white star in the constellation is a hundred light years away from Earth and the constellation itself contains three open clusters. During the last century it was a great surprise when a young student, merely observing the heavens, discovered three new stars visible in clear sky. After all, explosions of novas and supernovas still cannot be predicted even by modern science... The Johann Malle Lacerta fully-fledged box spring continental bed combines perfect workmanship, hand-crafted precision, outstanding user comfort and durability, with a model that is more affordable than our top-of-the range Johann Malle URSA beds. The Johann Malle Lacerta is lightweight, designed for those who prefer a light design and practicality. Even so, this has become a very popular model with customers and has successfully found its niche in the Johann Malle range of beds. All our products are made exclusively in the Czech Republic, and so we are the only manufacturer of continental beds able to guarantee our customers that we follow a precise technological process and offer the chance to view our production process.

The Johann Malle Lacerta continental bed is the result of many long hours of work, all done by hand, by our skilled and experienced carpenters, seamstresses and upholsterers. This is what enables us to offer our customers an individual approach. At the customer’s request, we are able to make beds in atypical sizes or with different designs or materials. We strive to keep offering our customers something new, and so you can now choose a luxury Johann Malle cover fabric in ivory, cinnamon, silver-grey, steel-grey or the ever-popular vanilla colour. We offer the new Johann Malle Lacerta model range in two different configurations, always with a luxury moving box spring bed, where customers can choose the leg height to suit their tastes, with a luxury natural mattress with a special pocket core for ultimate comfort that is guaranteed to adapt to the sleeper’s body for a perfect night’s rest, while we have designed the other option for customers who prefer a lower natural mattress with no spring core, all accompanied by a high-quality topper with genuine horsehair and carded cotton.