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Continental bed

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  • Solid spruce structure.
  • 100% cotton shawl fabric.
  • Material colour as selected from the pattern book in our showrooms.
  • Stitching as chosen by the customer.
  • Size to suit the customer.
Bed frame
  • Solid spruce construction with solid bottom.
  • The construction is wrapped in a thick layer of knitted cotton.
  • Can be made to order using wood chosen by the customer.
  • Colour of upholstery fabric and pattern of your choice from the pattern book in our showrooms.
  • Mattress composition: cotton, natural rubber, flax, pocket core.
  • Cover fabric Johann Malle Slavia - 78% cotton, 22% natural viscose.
  • Our trained staff will help you with choosing of rigidity of the mattress.
  • Johann Malle mattresses are particularly suitable for: allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with problems with the locomotive system and also for healthy individuals and children.
  • The topper not only makes the mattress softer and gives you a feeling of perfect comfort while you sleep, but in design terms it also matches the set perfectly with the mattress.
  • Besides cotton/wool, the topper also contains horsehair, or camel hair at the customer’s request. These natural materials are perfect for regulating heat and are excellent at drawing off moisture.
  • Cover fabric Johann Malle Slavia - 78% cotton, 22% natural viscose.
  • This makes it ideal for ideal for people who sweat a lot while they sleep, as well as for people with poor blood circulation. As the classic saying goes: “provides warmth in winter and cools you down in summer“.
  • You can choose the material, color, height and shape of the legs from our sampler, or we will be happy to produce it according to your own design.
  • The standard foot height is 9 cm, however, we recommend adjusting the height of the height of the continental bed user and his health condition.
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle beds:
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle beds:
  • Bedside tables, chests of drawers, benches, chests, mirrors and other items.
  • Dimensions, solid wood type, colour, number of storage spaces as selected by the customer in our showrooms.

For information on the prices of continental beds, solid-wood beds, and accessories visit our showrooms or contact us.

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A synonym for beauty and comfort? The Columba bed
Not all dreams are unattainable. You can make your dream of a wonderful sleep in a high quality, comfortable bed made from luxury materials come true right now with a Johann Malle Columba box-frame continental bed. With a Columba luxury bed, which takes its name from the constellation, you can spread your wings and fly into a world of relaxation and perfect rest.


Manual craftsmanship as a guarantee of quality
A Columba continental bed is craftsmanship down to the finest detail. The quality of each stitch and the fine craftsmanship of the perfectly dried pine wood from Czech forests are the result of the dozens of hours of manual work put in by our experienced seamstresses, upholsterers and carpenters.


Born in the Czech Republic
Our luxury beds are produced entirely in the Czech Republic, meaning we are the only manufacturer of continental beds in the country to guarantee strict adherence to the technological process and stringent control of the production process.


Luxury design
The perfect bed should not only guarantee the greatest possible comfort, but should also have the perfect design, which will refine the look of your bedroom. A Johann Malle Columba bed has plenty to offer in this regard. It features a light yet sturdy box-frame structure, which will appeal to anyone looking for simple yet impressive design and functionality.


The touch of nature
Imagine sleeping under a starry sky. Savour the fresh air you breathe, and the gentle rustling of the leaves in the treetops… With a Johann Malle Columba bed, which is made from quality natural materials, you’ll be closer to nature than you might expect. The med has been made using, for instance, natural rubber and genuine horsehair. You can also choose a new natural cover made from quality 100% heavyweight cotton in countless patterns and colours.


Custom-made bed
We understand that not all customers want the same size or design. We therefore take pride in our individual approach and are able to make bed in atypical sizes, with an altered design or using different materials. We offer the Columba model range in a configuration with a solid box-frame base, where you yourselves can choose the height of the bed legs and choose the mount for the bedhead.


A mattress your body will love
A quality bed would be nothing without a quality mattress. The Columba luxury natural mattress features a special pocket core, guaranteeing perfect comfort. The topper is just as luxurious, enhancing the perfect impression of the bed as a whole, and aesthetically connecting the mattress and ensuring that your bed is perfectly breathable.


The road to quality sleep and perfect relaxation has never been easier. Set out on it now in the company of a Columba luxury continental bed.