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About us

“We make our continental beds and mattresses by hand, as this is the only way to make sure that your first thought as you wake, is how well you slept. We make all our products exclusively using natural materials, as we know that they can’t be beaten for a healthy good night’s sleep. We have managed to revive the tradition of natural sleep, and offer all our customers the chance of enjoying a healthy sleep.”


History and the present day

In 1913 a German saddler and shoemaker, Johann Malle, together with his brother Václav, moved from Germany to the Podkrkonoší foothills region, where they settled with their families and built a cobbler’s and saddler’s workshop for them both. It wasn’t long before they were using natural materials to make solid and high-quality mattresses, which were hard to find back them. They built their good reputation on high-quality precision workmanship and natural materials.

As they gradually came to make more and more mattresses and attract an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers, improvements were made to the composition of the mattresses and the workshop was expanded. Unfortunately, however, this all came to an end with the turmoil and chaos of World War II and Johann Malle had to shut down its production and wait for better times to come. Luckily, all that experience and tradition was handed down from generation to generation, from father to son, until the present day. Johann Malle mattresses and beds are still made exclusively by hand, using the original techniques and traditions.



Nowadays, we are a Czech family firm that specialises in making continental beds and natural mattresses to ensure you get a healthy sleep. Not only do we manufacture our products from 100% natural materials, we also do it by hand using traditional craftsmanship. In addition to making continental beds and natural mattresses, we also manufacture massive beds in standard and atypical sizes to suit our customers’ wishes, as well as accessories such as bedside tables, pillows, duvets, outer mats and mattress protectors. 

At present we are a Czech family company specialized in the manufacture of continental beds and natural mattresses for your healthy sleep. Our products are made not only from 100% natural materials, but entirely by hand using traditional craft techniques. Except the production of continental beds and natural mattresses we also deal with manufacturing solid wood beds in standard and non-standard sizes, according to customer’s requirements, and accessories such as bedside tables, pillows, blankets, upper pads and mattress protectors.



Why choose our natural mattresses and continental beds 

  • We can make any custom adjustments to suit the needs of our customers
  • They are handmade in the Czech Republic exclusively from natural materials using traditional techniques
  • Extended warranty on the entire mattress and 10 years on the mattress core (to be specified)
  • Easy to choose from 3 degrees of hardness
  • Precision workmanship with an emphasis on design and detail
  • Option to loan a mattress and try it out at home