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Adjustable bed

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Bed frame
  • Massive, perfectly dried oak, 1st-class quality.
  • Upholstery fabric colour and pattern as chosen by the customer from our swatches in our showrooms.
  • Quality motor and positioning system, manufactured by Hettich, Germany.
  • Our trained staff will help you with choosing of rigidity of the mattress.
  • Johann Malle mattresses are particularly suitable for: allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with problems with the locomotive system and also for healthy individuals and children.
  • The topper is designed to make the mattress softer and give that degree of extra comfort as you sleep.
  • The topper contains horsehair as well as cotton. These natural materials are excellent at regulating heat and draw off moisture perfectly.
  • They are particularly appreciated by people who sweat excessively, as well as those with poor circulation. In the classic words: “warms in winter, cools in summer”.
  • Leg height, material – massive wood, metal, mirrored, colour as chosen by the individual customer.
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle beds:
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle beds:
  • Bedside tables, chests of drawers, benches, chests, mirrors and other items.
  • Dimensions, solid wood type, colour, number of storage spaces as selected by the customer in our showrooms.

For information on the prices of continental beds, solid-wood beds, and accessories visit our showrooms or contact us.

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Vela – a bright and prominent constellation in the southern sky, part of which lies in the Milky Way. Even though the creation of a supernova in the constellation dates back to roughly 20,000 years ago, the remnants can still be seen as an expanding nebula.
The origins of the Vela (Sails) constellation date back to ancient times. To be precise, it originated when the original ancient constellation of Argo was split.
So, let’s tighten our sails, catch the right wind and head off on a voyage under the star-spangled night sky with our Johann Malle Vela adjustable bed. What makes the luxurious and unique Johann Malle Velaadjustable bed so special is particularly the precision craftsmanship, down to the very finest detail, using a very solid frame made from massive oak. The Vela also has a high load capacity and is very robust – we guarantee that the bed frame can bear up to 500 kg, while the maximum load on the positioning system is 150 kg (including mattress and topper).


The positioning system enables the person in the bed to adjust it to find their optimal position, while retaining all the advantages and benefits of a standard continental bed. The simple height adjustments to the back and head part, which can be moved almost into a “seated” position, and the independently adjustable leg part, which features a system to prevent ischemia, help to body to perfectly rest and relax. This system is ideal not only for people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, but also for anyone looking for the greatest possible comfort and well-being. Our Vela adjustable continental bed is fitted with reliable motors and top-quality lifting mechanisms, and it goes without saying that the various parts of the bed can be adjusted independently or the position of both parts of the continental bed can be synchronized, all wirelessly and using just one controller. If there is a power outage, the entire system is equipped with backup batteries to return the bed to its default position.