Luxury continental double beds

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Want to sleep like in a fairy tale? To enjoy pleasant dreams as well as a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom? Choosing the right furnishings helps you to get a better night’s sleep. Don’t be afraid of luxury.

Beds that understand you

Your bed is your partner every day, one that will stay with you through good times and bad and will share all your joys and troubles. Everyone should treat themselves to some luxury in the bedroom.

Johann Malle modern luxury continental double beds are slowly but surely finding their place in Czech bedrooms. Characteristic features include the fact that they are made from massive, carefully dried top-quality wood. We prepare all our products to suit the individual needs and wishes of the customer, from the colour and patterns of the upholstery through to custom-designed storage compartments.

Our luxury upholstered beds with storage space are unique in that they are entirely hand-crafted, with all the work done by hand, from our seamstresses and carpenters to our upholsterers. This uniqueness is brought to your bedroom and creates a beautiful and pleasing atmosphere.

Our premium beds with storage space are designed so that the storage compartments are built in unobtrusively and in no way detract from the design. It is not immediately evident what they contain. They are typically sturdy and massive, features which literally tempt one to sleep.

These designer and premium beds in the bedroom will inspire anyone wanting to furnish the bedroom of their dreams. If you want to get a glimpse of their secrets, don’t miss our continental beds catalogue. The dimensions are also important. We offer our continental beds in basic (160x200, 180x200, 200x200), but also in atypical dimensions.

Although this is furniture that ranks alongside luxury American beds, the manufacturer is 100% Czech and all products are produced here in the Czech Republic.

Johann Malle high continental double beds are featured in Brno and Prague, where we have showrooms to enable you to see them at first hand in all their glory.