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Alergik upper underlay

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Product information
  • Sewn-together method selected by the customer (visible hem or with facing).
  • Dimensions selected by the customer.
  • Composition adjusted to the customer’s requirements.
Upper underlay structure
  1. cotton covering fabric with a twill weave
  2. 100% cotton layer
  3. horsehair core
  4. 100% cotton layer
  5. cotton covering fabric with a twill weave
Alergik upper underlayAlergik upper underlay
The following items may be purchased with the Alergik upper underlay:
The following items may be purchased with the Alergik upper underlay:
  • Johann Malle decorative pillows at customer’s request
  • Johann Malle herbal pillow at customer’s request
  • Bed linen
  • Sheets
  • Ruffles, bedspreads and other items

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Alergik upper underlay is a mattress with a reduced height of 5, 8, or 11 cm, used in combination with all types of natural mattresses, principally with the Alergik mattress. Its centre consists of horsehair and a 100% cotton layer. These natural materials ensure the long lifetime of the upper underlay – at first signs of flattening it just needs to be shaken up; the natural material will “breathe in”, return to its original shape, and its functionality and comfort will renew. In addition, the upper underlay protects the natural material against wear.

The upper underlay is intended to be used as a softening upper mattress enhancing sleep comfort. Besides cotton, it also contains horsehair, which has perfect thermoregulation properties and removes dampness well, thus, it is ideal for people who sweat excessively during sleep.

The cover of the Alergik upper underlay is made of pure cotton with a twill weave, without any chemical treatment.