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Product information
  • Fabric colour as selected from samplers in our showrooms.
  • Dimensions selected by the customer.
  • Material selected by the customer.
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle sheets:
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle sheets:
  • Johann Malle decorative pillows
  • Mattress covers
  • Sheets
  • Ruffles, bedspreads and other items

For information on the prices visit our showrooms or contact us.

Johann Malle sheets are made from the highest-quality Egyptian damask (combed cotton yarn), in two basic colours – snow-white and vanilla. Our customers may have their sheets made to measure. Besides standard sizes, our range also includes sheets with prolonged length and other atypical sizes.

We offer a perfectly elaborated fine jacquard design with the Johann Malle logo which could be woven only thanks to the high thread count of our product, and a sober, highly tasteful plain design. The luxury sheets are offered in “Easy Care" version for easy maintenance and smooth touch. The material is pure cotton and may be washed at 60 °C.


Our skilled seamstresses can also produce all individual accessories for you, such as ruffles, bedspreads, and bed linen.