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Mattress cover

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Product Information
  • Fabric colour as selected from samplers in our showrooms.
  • Sewn as selected by the customer, may be adjusted to your individual needs.
  • Dimensions selected by the customer.
Mattress cover
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle mattress covers:
The following items may be purchased with Johann Malle mattress covers:
  • Johann Malle decorative pillows
  • Bed linen
  • Sheets
  • Ruffles, bedspreads and other items

For information on the prices visit our showrooms or contact us.

Every new bed is recommended to be provided with a quality, 100% natural mattress cover made of the highest-quality Egyptian damask (combed cotton yarn) with rich sewing-through which ensures quick drying and removal of undesired dampness. The cover is removable and may be washed at 60 °C (however, natural material may not be dried in a tumble dryer). You can choose from vanilla or snow-white colours, with a Johan Malle emblem and small leaves or no emblem and with large leaves woven into it. The purpose of the mattress cover is to protect your mattress from getting damaged and dirty, which prolongs its lifetime. The cover can be easily attached with rubber loops to all corners of your new mattress. A correctly selected mattress cover also enhances sleep comfort.

Our skilled seamstresses can also produce all individual accessories for you, such as ruffles, bedspreads, and special sheets fitting the mattress or topper height.