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Dear customers, We are delighted to announce that we have extended our range of Johann Malle continental beds to include the unique Vela adjustable bed.

Luxurious Vela adjustable bed

What makes the luxurious Johann Malle Vela adjustable bed so special is particularly the precision craftsmanship, down to the very finest detail, using a very solid frame made from massive oak. The entire bed is hand-crafted by masters in their field, using exclusively natural materials. The upholstery of the bed frame, mattress and topper come in a heavyweight fabric with a natural viscose Jacquard woven pattern, available in ivory, vanilla, steel grey, light silver and cinnamon. The new Vela adjustable continental bed has a high load capacity and is very robust – we guarantee that the bed frame can bear up to 500 kg, while the maximum load on the positioning system is 150 kg (including mattress and topper). It goes without saying that we provide a 25-year guarantee on the bed frame and a 5-year guarantee on the mattress and the mechanical positioning parts. 


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