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A gift to go with a set of Johann Malle continental beds! Every set of a continental bed (incl. a base, mattress, and upper underlay) to be completed with a blanket and a pillow handmade of purely natural uncut silk.

A silk dream for everyone

Dear customers,


Let us introduce you to a new collection of pillows and blankets filled with genuine silk which may now be obtain as a gift to sets of Johann Malle continental beds. Every complete set of a continental bed (with a base, mattress, and upper underlay) shall be completed with a pillow and a blanket handmade of purely natural uncut silk. Act quickly and visit our showrooms in Prague and Brno to fall in love at first touch with the beauty and fineness of silk and to obtain a gift worth CZK 50.000.


With its perfect properties, silk has been known for several millennia. The fibre of the silkworm moth may be as long as 4 kilometres. When manually processed, it is not cut but only overlaid and arranged in layers, thus it does not move around inside blankets which stay permanently airy. Since the material does not get sewn through, no undesired thermal bridges are formed. Thanks to up to 30% moisture absorbability which it can quickly take away, the blanket insulates perfectly in winter and cools in summer.


The fibres are formed by several types of amino acids some of which are identical to those present in human body. Thus, silk is particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and sensitive skin. The filling material used in your pillows and blankets is processed with no chemicals at all. And you will certainly be pleased to hear that the blankets may be machine washed and tumble dried at low temperatures. 


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